Cerebus the Aardvark Movie

I was trying to find the Palnu Trilogy from the Swords of Cerebus by Dave Sim.  This is the segment which ends in the books with “this is a bureaucracy, nothing is supposed to get done.”

Now, you know why!

BTW,  if anyone who reads this can (a) tell me if there are any more Swords of Cerebus volumes, or what the sequence is of compiled Cerebus Comics, that would be appreciated.

Also, if you can (b) give any release info on the film.


More about the Film here:  www.cerebus3d.com

Before it vanishes, I should add Margaret’s excellent comment to this post:

Hello – There are 6 of the Swords of Cerebus collections: http://www.cereb.us/wiki/index.php?title=Swords_of_Cerebus
And for the sequence of the Cerebus comics: http://www.cereb.us/wiki/index.php?title=Phonebook#List_of_Phonebooks
Sorry, I don’t know when the film will be released. . .

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