Happy Birthday, BBC World Service

The BBC World Service turned 80 Today.  In celebration here is a video of the World Service Idents through the years.

Idents of the BBC Empire Service (up till 1948) followed by the General Overseas Service (till 1980s) including the short time ‘oranges and Lemons’ ident of the 70s. Afther that is Lilliburlero, the world famous ident of the BBC World Service as played from the 90s till 2008. Finally, the Brand New BBC World Service Theme by David Lowe.:

Actually, the BBC adopted Lillibulero during the Second World War and I remember it being used on shortwave during the 70s.

Of course, The Lillibullero opening is something that I remember from my years of living abroad.  Add in the bells which would signal that the BBC was going to be on that short wave frequency

The amusing bit is that the song Lillibullero is a satirical song about British control of Ireland in the Seventeenth Century.


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