Anne Frank and Retroactive Baptism

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I think the Mormon idea of retroactive, or proxy, baptism is pretty neat, but some folk just don’t get the concept as this cartoon demonstrates:

With Mitt Romney once again running, I’m sure the kinkier aspects of Mormonism will be rehashed by the crowd that finds it to be a cult.  Never mind the proper name for the religion is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).  Personally, I don’t see it as being all that much different from most protestant sects.

Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve had this conversation, Cousin Avi had a debate with a Mormon missionary about this topic where he: “mentioned that I was a little offput by the Mormon’s posthumous baptism of Jews killed in the camps.”

An extremely distant cousin, who happens to be a Mormon, was correct when he told me that: “Baptism for the dead does not change anything for the person unless they choose to accept that ordinance. It simply makes it possible for the dead to accept baptism if they want it. It’s entirely their choice.”

It gets kinkier! Supposedly, there is group sex in Mormon heaven!

Yeeeehaaaa, group sex with the Osmonds and Mrs. Fields!

Maybe that’s why she took the option.  But, Annie would have had to have chosen to go to Mormon Heaven.  As I said to Cousin Avi, I hope that when they tell Rabbi Nachman of Breslau that he has been converted and he is sitting in hell that he has the option of spending the rest of eternity in hell, or spending it in a Mormon Heaven of blonde shiksas who will have polygamous sex with him.

I’m fairly sure the wise Rebbe would have no problem making up his mind as to what he would choose in that situation.

Anyway, this is a bit like Descartes belief on God, there may not be one, but it doesn’t hurt to believe. So, Mormons may be way off, but I know what I’m gonna choose if they are right. How could you pass up polygamous sex in the afterlife with Marie Osmond and Debbie Fields if they are willing to do things that would make pornstars such as Juli Ashton blanche?

Seriously,who could refuse wild, group sex with Mormons?

I know that I’ll take the option of going to Mormon Heaven if I am given it!

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