Time Team on DVD (maybe)

I’m not sure what got me looking at Time Team DVDs on Amazon, but I was there.  Perhaps it was because I was looking at the silly show, Bonekickers, which the BBC describes as an “Archaeological drama series” .  Most people call it comedy who know anything about history of archaeology.  I did also see that History Cold Case is available on DVD as well.

Anyway, Time team has been around for since 1994, for 19 Series with around 200 digs, yet Channel 4 have finally released Series 18 on DVD.  I should add that PBS did a US version which lacked the personality of the UK version (not to mention the wealth of history). Despite this, there have been only a couple of “Best of DVDs” issued (The Very Best Time Team Digs, Time Team Digs-A History of Britain, and Time Team in Your Garden). The recently released DVD, Time Team-Tottiford and Other Digs, is the first complete season to be released on DVD. Nevermind that one can download quite a most seasons of the show on line if one can’t watch it on 4OD.

Despite the cost of this set, I plunked down the dosh to buy a copy hoping that will lead to positive reinforcement for the Channel 4 Marketing types. ALthough, I wonder if, being commercial, they are immune from the lack of funds which plague Aunty. Still, you would think that both the Independent Broadcasters and the BBC would do what they could to make a few quid by trying to flog DVDs of their programmes.

Although, I will add that there is a mystery to me as I watch a couple of historic Panorama episodes from 1955 that have been on iPlayer of Malcolm Muggeridge interviewing Edward R. Murrow and Salvador Dali. These are only available for streaming at the BBC site, but at least they are available. This may have something to do with a page called Talk for BBC 4. Any luck, BBC 4 will add the David Frost Nixon Interview to this list.

And you wonder why I want to connect my TV to my computer? It beats having to watch this stuff on a crappy monitor!

Anyway, there is a lot of material out there which I wish had better availability. Of course, that statement will puzzle the powers that be who think they are making the material pretty available, yet there is a reason that some sites exist which facilitate the downloading of this material. Personal choice is to use the official channels and contribute to seeing more of this material being produced.  Someone also said that other Time Team Series were available in Australia, but I was unable to find these from my sources. Seriously, if people are waving money in their faces of the people who produce this material, why don’t they take it?  It makes a bit more sense than having TV detector vans driving about.

This couild become yet another rant about BBC archival policies, DVD production, and so on.  Of course, I should also plunk down the money to buy the DVDs of some of the other programmes I mention here–even if I will never see them again–if I want to practise what I am preaching.  But, that would come with the hope that the Powers that Be would get the message.

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