Windows 7 (Vista) and HDTVs using HDMI

For those of you who use your PC for an entertainment centre, this is for you.  HDMI HDTVs tend to not work well as computer monitors if you just attach it using an HDMI cord.  Although, DVI and Computer ports work just a charm.

OK, before I begin my usual moan about microsoft products, I need to add the disclaimer that Ubuntu 10.04 isn’t too much better in this regard.  Although, the desktop does fit the screen,.

Anyway, one problem with using an HDTV on HDMI with Windows 7 is that the desktop is too large for the screen.  Using the NVIDIA control panel isn’t very helpful as the resize screen also doesn’t fit the panel.

It seems there is software out there called DLPfix which is found in a zip file ( that allows you to fix this problem.  Although, I am annoyed that one has to look for it.  It seems to me that Microsoft should have updated the NVIDIA drivers so that this isn’t a problem since both Windows Vista and Windows 7 have been around for a while. This is not a new problem as searching for the solution also demonstrated.

Anyway, downloading the DLPFix software appears to have fixed the problem of the too large desktop.  I can’t say for sure that was the fix since there was also an NVIDIA update to windows that appeared at the same time.  Either way, it seems that this is being addressed.

I should also add that the is available from NVIDIA, but you have to register at their forum to get the software, which is worth it if you want to use your HDTV with Windows.

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