ITV entry from the ARRSEpedia

When it comes to having a cynical and amusing take on most things, I present the british Army Rumour Service’s (or ARRSE) ARRSEpedia entry for ITV


ITV was created in the ’50s to provide competition to the monolithic BBC, without being funded by the license fee.

It used to be composed of many small independent tv companies such as Yorkshire, Tyne Tees, Anglian etc. In recent years these have been swallowed up by Granada and Carlton to produce ITV plc which controls the vast bulk of the network.

Strangely, this has coincided with an increasing lack of originality in the programmes being commissioned and a drop-off in the number of viewers. The management of ITV plc do not believe these factors to be connected.

It is hard to believe when watching ‘Jeremy Kyle’ or ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ that this is the same network that created ‘The World At War’, ‘Brideshead Revisited’, ‘Rising Damp’ and ‘World In Action’. The management of ITV plc strenuously deny any allegations of “dumbing down”. entry

I should add that The Original Upstairs, Downstairs, Downton Abbey, And some other series which Septics say are BBC were actually produced by ITV, which demonstrates that it can produce intelligent material.

By the Way, the ARRSEpedia entry for the BBC for their take on it.  Well, wikis can be biased, but at least the ARRSEpedia is amusing!

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