Is the BBC D-G slot for me?

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel here for a job switch.

The Radio Times published this sickener about the post. Former D-Gs talking about what a living nightmare the post is.

Everybody seems to hate you:

OK, so you can’t sleep, you can’t go on holiday and everyone outside the BBC is plotting against you. But surely the Beeb’s loyal workers will back you to the hilt? After another hard week of managing crises and sobbing at dawn, there you’ll be with your fellow public servants, putting the world to rights over a nice bottle of red down at Albertine’s on Wood Lane… right?

Wrong. Everyone at work will hate you as well. “You will certainly find some people, even on your own board, who didn’t want you in the first place,” Dyke predicts. “They will spend several years trying to undermine you… a would-be director-general needs to recognise that very few DGs ever left of their own accord.”

Well,I plan on mentioning this blog in my C-V and the fact that I have taken on the US gunloon community. Not ot mention that my career path has been a bunch of low paid jobs that I have hated doing.

The Beeb should be a piece of cake.

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