Foxes Live: Wild in the City

Not a real urban fox.

The real deal that wanders amongst us

One of the things I have been mentioning on this blog is the urban fox since I was startled by seeing one in the shopping district created from the Old Duke of York’s Barracks off the King’s Road at 5PM in the evening.   Yes, it was crowded. And, Yes, very few people paid attention to a fox walking through the city.

It seems strange that these critters walk amongst us while few people notice. Or maybe people just choose to ignore them.

Anyway, Channel 4 is ran the first of a four part documentary series Foxes Live: Wild in the City this evening.  The programme hopes to bring a “fox-eye view” of Britain’s cities. Using the inevitable “cutting edge technology” and “state of the art tracking”, cameras will follow the creatures during their daily progress through garden sheds, streets and industrial estates. The producers also hope for audience participation in what will be the largest census of urban foxes made in Britain.

Nelson (or Vince) need not apply!


Posted 30/04/2012 by lacithedog in Channel 4, Fox, Foxes, urban foxes

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