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I found it interesting that former Australian Rupert Murdoch was being grilled on ANZAC day by the Leveson Committee.  Even more interesting was his comment along the lines that “Citizens should take an interest in their media”  First off, the comment comes from someone who has done a wonderful job of subverting the media in most of the markets which he is a player.

That said, we come to the US media which hasn’t caught on, or isn’t allowing its citizens to watch the actual Nordic Noir programmes such as the Killing, or the latest–the Bridge.  I seriously doubt that the Bridge will make it to the US airwaves due to its controversial topics and “class war” plot.  A body is found on the Bridge which goes between Denmark and Sweden leading to a five point manifesto by the  perp.  The first two points being that there is inequality before the law between the rich and poor, the next point has to deal with the homeless.

Can’t have ideas like those running loose in the land of opportunity, especially since the advent of the occupy movement.  Not to mention, the occupy movement sounds as if it will be coming out from hibernation on Mayday, the worker’s day in the rest of the world.

The reason that the right wants to destroy public media and come up with ridiculous reporting is because it wants to control the public.  The problem is that control leads to revolt and disillusion when people find out they have been told lies.  In the case of the US,  people will become disillusioned that opportunity has been snatched from them.

To go back to the Australian thing,  Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan wrote an essay where he said he feared Australia’s “proud egalitarian tradition” was in danger from the huge economic changes of the Asian Century. Australia has had the belief that everyone deserves a “fair go” and the opportunity to do well.  Unfortunately, that tradition is being threatened by the super rich who are doing what the super rich are doing in the US and elsewhere–dismantling the societal institutions which allow for people to get ahead in the world.

Mr Swan said he was against “the combination of deep pockets, conservative political support and the ranting of the shock jocks” which had promoted the interests of very narrow section of the economy. “So the debate over the future of our country is at risk of being distorted and decided not by the strength of ideas, but the strength of influence,” Mr Swan told the National Press Club.

It’s not socialism or anything else to allow people a fair go, if anything it would be considered the “Christian thing to do”, but the right has taken aim at any religion which mentions social justice.  But, isn’t the real question whether a society which talks about equality should be working on destroyin the mechanisms which allow for people to be equal?
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