A couple of things from the LUV Newsletter by Lisa Simeone


Lots of people don’t like math. I get it. They also don’t like facts. As plenty of research has shown, most people, when presented with facts that irrefutably contradict their deeply held beliefs, won’t be persuaded. On the contrary, they’ll cling even more stubbornly to those beliefs. So presenting facts, empirical evidence, logic, employing the scientific method, is, alas, often a lousy way to get one’s point across. But some of us value empirical evidence, logic, and the scientific method, and we’ll be damned if we abandon all of it because of the irrationality of our fellows. Math professor Sommer Gentry is with me. So is engineer Bill Fisher. And we’re going to keep hammering away with the facts, no matter how many lizard brains don’t want to listen.

And this:

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