Lovely Lucie! I should say Clever Lucie!

I cannot heap enough praise upon Lucie Skeaping (sorry Catherine, but I know Lucie and her husband personally).  Not only is she fantastic looking (I want her secret!), but she is incredibly interesting (so are you, Catherine).  Lucie and her husband, Rod, had a band called City Waites which was the first formal introduction to seeing Early Music performed back. .. Well, Lucie doesn’t look as if she could be that old (I want her secret).

This time, someone I have known for…Well, maybe I shouldn’t say how long…comes up with interviews with musicians from the city I used to live in: Philadelphia.

Dare I say it, I don’t listen to the Early Music Show as frequently as I should, but her recent broadcast was about Philadelphia’s Tempesta di Mare Ensemble.  I have not seen them in person, but I do have four of their CDs.

Back in April, she interviewed Piffaro. That is the show I have to admit missing, but caught the podcast after she mentioned having interviewed them in the Tempesta di Mare Ensemble show.  I know Joan Kimball and Robert Wiemken and have seen Piffaro several times. I look forward to hearing these three talk to each other and wish I had been in the studio.

I have to admit it enjoyable listening to Lucie’s show (and Catherine) since she (they) usually deals with things I am familiar.  It’s even more fun when an old friend is talking to other friends.

Rod is very lucky!

I should add that I am sorry that I missed Catherine Bott’s Christmas Anthology, which is not available as a podcast. I hope she isn’t upset at all my praise for Lucie as it also goes for her.

I should add that I tried to find Lucie’s age, but that information is not available.  I can only say I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t know her as long as I have.  She looks as if she couldn’t be that old.

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