Solsbury Hill

ImageI knew about Solsbury Hill, or Little Solsbury Hill, before Peter Gabriel came out with his song in 1977,

I knew it as an Iron Age Hill Fort with a good view of the City of Bath.  The National Trust Guide says this about the place:

The limestone slopes of Little Solsbury Hill support a variety of plants and attract large numbers of butterflies. Listen out for the distinctive song of the skylark, who has made its home here, it’s song is a warbling of short trills, usually heard in late spring.

Whether Eagles fly out of the night remain to be seen.

Another Guide says that Solsbury Hill is a very popular spot, probably due to the Peter Gabriel Song.  That’s sort of where this is going..

I have a playlist of various versions of the song (Sarah McLachlan, Erasure, Steelband, a few string quartetty, and so on).

It was brought to my attention that on Peter Gabriel’s 2011 Album, he redid the song with an instrumental version, prior to that track, there is a track called “a quiet moment” which is the ambient noise on Solsbury Hill.

That seems perfect for how I actually think of the hill.

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