Somebody’s watching you!

The BBC had a couple of pieces on WiFi names: The rise of passive-aggressive wi-fi names and Readers’ best passive-aggressive wi-fi names.

It seems that some people are not content with boring WiFi identifier names. It seems that some wireless internet users have been setting their network names to send snide messages to their neighbours. Examples sent by readers indicate just how imaginative some people can be, and just how similar sentiments can be re-used in different ways.

There were a few I thought downright nasty, but amusing:

F.B.I. Surveillance Van

Of course, one I liked was the person who named his TV Licence Detector given my interest in the topic. According to that person, He’s heard that “the TV licence van was in the village again last night” twice when he was waiting to be served in his local post office. Of course, the things are pretty obvious, but…

Another one:

I have to say, I am guilty of using a passive aggressive wi-fi name. Some new neighbours moved in, and I pretty soon caught on that they were smoking weed on the balcony. So I changed my wi-fi to Drugs Suv Van. About a week later, my new neighbours, a bit twitchy knock on my door asking if I’ve seen a suspicious van watching the building. They soon stopped smoking on the balcony. Michelle, Worthing

Wow! I’m sorry that I am not as creative as some people!

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