Two Old Ladies Talking

And they are Anne-Mary Paterson and my mother.  The reason I was unclear about whether Anne-Mary was going to be in Wednesday’s episode of Michael Portillo’s Great British Railway Journeys was that I received an e-mail saying

Just a quick email to say that Great British Railway Journeys is on BBC2 all the week at 6.30 pm. My piece is on Wednesday, Dufftown to Aviemore. It starts at Stirling and ends up at John o’ Groats as well as going from Inverness to Plockton on Thursday and calling at Beauly Station.

Yes, she was on last evening’s show talkiAnne-Mary Patersonng about her great uncle, Murdoch Patterson.  This is a story I have heard many times before, but it is even more fun hearing it on the show.

Then, I  receive a phone call from my mother asking if I saw it.

“Yes, mother, I did.”

Of course, my mother is deaf, but not terribly willing to admit it.  Soooo, the conversation was rather long as I tried to explain that I had indeed seen the show.

Fun seeing Anne-Mary on the show though!

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