Bluestone 42

OK, I will never be an ATO because I have little ability to handle small electrical crap and absolutely no patience. There is no way I could spend several hours on defusing a suspect device.  Toss in the occupational hazards of high casualties levels, lots of blokes missing limbs, and near-routine appearances in the gallantry lists.  I could handle the little robot to check out a car or that type of thing, but I would be even more pissed than this person if I had to spend the effort in the bloody, hot outfit:

Anyway, BBC Three will be coming out with a new comedy about a squad of bomb disposal experts clearing IEDs in Afghanistan this month called Bluestone 42 which has stirred by outrage from the Daily Mail crowd.  And apparently the Daily Express is concerned about the swearing!  This doesn’t sound like serious comedy fare, especially knowing what exactly one has to put up with as an ATO.

I decided to check out the chat at The British Army Rumour Service and see if anyone had any opinions on this.  Of course, they would have and quite a few had gone to preview screenings.  Word is that this is pretty good amongst those who have seen the previews.  Although, the Independent’s write up calls this “The Hurt Locker meets Miranda”.  Of course, the Independent quotes a spokesman for the ARRSE (Army Rumour Service) website, a former major who served in Afghanistan, but does not wish to be identified, said Bluestone 42 was a convincing evocation of Army life. “The most important thing is that it is actually funny. It treats a serious subject with an appropriate degree of humour. The characters are all people that soldiers will recognise. They will say, ‘yes, I know him,’ or ‘I’ve worked with that person’. It’s also absolutely spot-on about how you do banter in the military.

The Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, a former Army colonel, has said: “I wonder if a comedy based in Afghanistan, considering the war is ongoing, is in the best of taste.”  I was trying to remember the other show with a totally tasteless sounding premise which became a hit in addition to what others have mentioned: Dad’s Army, MASH, Blackadder Goes Forth, Private Schultz, and Hogan’s Heroes.

Anyway, I’ve heard enough good comments from people I trust to want to catch it.  There is also a fansite up before the show has even been broadcast!

I hope this lives up to everything I’ve heard about it!

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