The 240GB iPod!

There are some people out there with really large music collections.JB7_2012  Seriously large music collections.

I am one of them.

Personally, I’ve found that having my music collection on the computer makes it a whole lot easier to find songs I want to hear.  Part of the reason I like the Brennan JB7 is that it is small and fairly portable, as the picture shows.  Of course, one drawback is that it is at a  price point where buying a computer is a reasonable alternative.

Also, as the picture shows, it is larger than the iPod.

The iPod makes more sense for something which is going to be used for traveling with your music on long trips:  or just travel in general.  On the other hand, no off the shelf iPod has the disc space close to that of the Brennan.

But, it seems that there is a 240GB upgrade available out there for your iPod.  You can also buy a refurbished iPod with a 240GB capacity if you look about.  I found someone on eBay who does both if you live in the US.  Also, there are upgrade kits available on eBay, but I understand it can be a real 240GBheadache to try and do this if you are not trained.

As for the eBay seller, his price on a “new” (“refurbished”) 240GB iPod is less than a new 160GB one.  Although, I will admit to getting the “Square Trade” warranty.  It is sort of a no brainer to want to be able to have my collection playable on an iPod to buy a 240GB version, even if it is an “aftermarket” alternative.

Of course, the 240GB unit is thicker than the 160GB unit, but it is not like it is outrageously large.  After all, I still use the Creative Labs Zen Nomad.  Unfortunately, those units are next to impossible to manage.  Windows no longer supports them.  You can manage them using Linux.

There is a rant in here about Apple’s monopoly on MP3 players and their lack of willingness to not only upgrade the firmware, but make sure that the hardware keeps up to date.  In this case, coming out with larger capacity units.

Anyway, for those of us who want or need larger capacity iPod/mp3 players–they are out there.

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