Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

One of the things that happened to me when I first started practising law, was that I was told I had a Continuing Legal Education requirement.  This happened after I had completed my LL.M.

I called PACLE and was told that didn’t count since it wasn’t an “accredited course”.  Never mind that I had just finished an LL.M. at one of the top Law Schools in the World.

That anecdote should give you an idea of what a waste I consider CLE to be.  Although I still have to keep current in Pennsylvania (DC doesn’t have a CLE requirement) now that I am retired, yet retaining my law licences.  Oddly enough, I put this off until the last moment.

On the upside, PBI has a course called Lawyer Rankings & Ratings: The Impact on Ethics and the Profession, which I had to take given I informed AVVO that I no longer practised law.  It was well worth the 39 bucks I plunked down for it as the course pretty much confirmed my worst beliefs about legal ratings.

Of course, the practise of law in the US seems to be about how much you can gouge a sucker for (and it works both ways).  People pay for good ratings (and there is some inside playing in there as well) because it looks good on the advertising.

I prefer the taxi rank system within chambers–thank you.

Now, I will shut up and play the game of practising law in the US.

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