The City Waites – England, Be Glad

A day late for the Fourth, but it has been on my mind since I’ve been watching all this Tudor stuff on the Beeb.  This is from the City Waites early album “A Gorgeous Gallery of Gallant Inventions” (which Lucie Skeaping said “Why would you want that old album?” when I asked if it would come out on CD–because it has treasures like this!).  Well, it’s also on “The English Tradition – 400 Years of Music and Song”, but I like THIS version.

England, be glad!
Pluck up thy lusty heart!
Help now thy king,
and take his part!

Against the Frenchmen
in the field to fight
in the quarrel of the Church
and in the right.

With spears and shields
on goodly horses light,
bows and arrows
to put them all to flight.

Help now thy king.

This also has something to do with longbow archery; and, so I add my archer giving the salute from my old blog…


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