That’s what lofts (attics) are for…

I made a comment about “I learned about Peter Jackson by seeing Bad Taste at Melbourne’s Valhalla Cinema” a few posts backS0464063.  Anyway, this turned up while doing some clean out.  I’m sorry that the Loaded Dog Brochure didn’t photograph well.  I should take a picture of the Loaded Dog Statue, which is something I’ve missed a few times.

I would have liked a picture with my arm around the Loaded Dog standing at the bar, which is something which will never happen since it is now apartments.

A couple of bits of trivia about the Loaded Dog, which was short story by Henry Lawson.  Lawson was on one side of the old Australian $10 note, (right below). On the front was Francis Greenway, who was a convicted forgerAustralian_$10_note_paper_back.  Greenway was transported to Australia for forgery.  I would also add that this note was supposedly one that was frequently counterfeited.

If anyone knows where the Dog Statue has gone to…


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