Some Ubuntu hints

I like to say that I blog for myself and if the stuff I writes helps someone else: well, all the better.  In this case, the post is about a couple of annoying characteristics of the recent Ubuntu releases.

First off, the desktop.  Some of the intermediate releases had the option of the new desktop or the old gnome desktop.  In this case, I prefer the gnome desktop, which is an easy fix and it is found here:

For 14.04l

For some reason, Ubuntu no longer offers get_iplayer as part of its software offerings, but the ever helpful dinkypumpkin has a how-to page:

Third tweak is for dual boot systems, especially if your “main” system is windows.  In windows, Go to Advanced System Settings>Startup and Recovery, which is where you can choose the default boot OS and time that you can choose the other OS.  Nothing is more annoying than rebooting as you go off to do something else to find you booted into the wrong OS.  The most useful page of hints is this one.

All are fairly simple tweaks to the system.  In fact, it seems that precise pangolin is getting better as of late.  Unfortunately, I can’t totally ween myself from windows, but I imagine such a world.


Posted 22/01/2014 by lacithedog in Dual Boot, get_iplayer, Linux, Ubuntu

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