Security system “blues”

Awwww Riiigggghhhhttttt! I just think I fixed my security system. The bugger had a wireless smoke detector that was “obsoleted”. The sucker just died and was causing the thing to go off.

Of course it would go off at the most annoying times (e.g., the middle of the night or when I was away). Neighbours call when I am at other house and say “your alarm is making noises”.

It’s OK it’s just a duff and annoying smoke detector.

I do have to admit to feeling a bit smug here due to the pain in the arse factor of getting this thing fixed.  First off, it was in a nasty part of the basement for having to access it, which I did need to do to find out the model number.  Secondly, there was a lot of running about during this process since the bits and pieces were in various parts of the house, which required me to use some of my old track skills (high hurdles over basement rubbish).

Anyway, I tend to say that a security system is far better home protection than a gun.  My experience is that the security system definitely provides better defence in nasty areas.

And it doesn’t cost as much as a gun in the long run.  You can get set up for less money than a decent stereo or television system.  They are also as easy to set up as a home entertainment system.

I have no problem with setting up or repairing my system,.  Although, the one headache here was that the system is more software than hardware based.  I had to go through the motions of resetting the system multiple times before I had a satisfactory result.  But, I did manage to get the wireless widgets off the system.

All for a feeling of self-contentment.

That feels a lot better than accidentally shooting a friend or family member.

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