I couldn’t resist

OK, I was standing on the South Ken platform when this woman came down the starts nattering a mile a minute in a foreign language.

I said “that’s easy for you to say”.
Easy for you to say
I’ve been wanting to do  that with a spam comment for a while now.

(BTW, the comment is in Japanese and says: “In April, there may be higher than other cards. If you are traveling big time, you can please consider that to compromise on the factors mentioned above. You also need to be clear on is how can you use the point of travel, be determined according to it, you are trying to take advantage of it to win next you.”

4 Tsuki wa, hoka no kādo yori mo takaku naru kanōsei ga arimasu. Anata wa ōkina jikan ryokō shite iru baai wa, jōki no yōin ni dakyō suru koto o kentō shite kudasai. Mata, anata wa dono yō ni ryokō no pointo o shiyō suru to, sore ni ōjite kimeru koto ga deki, tsugini kakutoku shi katsuyō shiyou to shite iru ue de meikaku ni suru hitsuyō ga arimasu.)

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