It’s gone grail on me

This is a bit of personal slang: “Go grail”HolyGrail

Something “goes grail” if it has been really conspicuous until you need it, then it becomes impossible to find no matter how hard you try.  The item in question does not need to have value only to have been obvious at one time and then seems to vanish without a trace.

Also, the item doesn’t need to be unique–only impossible to find. This is unlike the original grail. What makes something (or things) go grail is that it was obvious one minute, and impossible to find the next. This is due to the legend being more about the search than the object. Likewise, this is more about the search than the object, or objects.

Origin–the legend of the holy grail.

That paintbrush seems to have gone grail on me.
My boots seem to have gone grail on me.
My wallet (keys, cellphone, etc.) has gone grail.

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