Trabbie Mania!

Trabbie watchFor the people who think I own a Smart–I hate to break your bubble, but I don’t. I have driven them and I like them (it beats a motorcycle). Actually, I drive a Euro Gas Hog.

I don’t know where you people get your information, since it is usually wrong, but that’s another thing.

On the other hand, my great-grandfather on my mother’s side was from what became East Germany. Provided two World Wars didn’t wipe them all out (I am pretty sure his sister was still alive when it was East Germany), I have relatives in that part of the World. They were from a town in the district where the Trabant was made.

If you think the Smart is bad, I wonder what you lot would think about the Trabbie.

Anyway, it seems there was a lot of “nostalgia” for the old Communist regime after unification since the Former East Germans ended up with a standard of living that was below their Western Counterparts.  It is something called Ostalgie.  It seems there was a lot of this in former Communist countries.  Not sure why.

Although, this is a pretty good story:

Next to nostalgia for everyday aspects of life, ‘Ostalgie’ was also inspired by the absence of unemployment and poverty in the GDR. Indeed, ostalgie could be inspired by the longing of the Ossis (German for “Easterners”, a term for former GDR citizens) for the social system and the sense of community of the GDR. When the renowned West-German magazine Der Spiegel asked former GDR-inhabitants whether the GDR “had more good sides than bad sides”, 57% of them answered yes. To the statement of the interviewing journalist that “GDR inhabitants did not have the freedom to travel wherever they wanted”, Germans replied that “present-day low-wage workers do not have that freedom either”.

It is amusing seeing people get sentimental for the Trabant since the things were pretty bad.  Sort of like the Skoda and Lada.  I think this watch is a hoot though.  I’ve also had some opportunities to make cracks about being a trabant fan since I have been trying to locate Zwickau registration stickers (the German authorities obliterate these to show the number plates are invalid).

Anyway, to each his own.

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