Mozbackup for Linux?

Actually, it’s really easy to do. Amazingly easy to do despite the Linux file system tends to be a bit like an iPods’ in my opinion.

First off, there’s this useful article: Moving from Windows to Linux.

But, the easy bit is actually finding your profile folder:

You can open your profile folder directly from the Firefox Help menu, as follows: [1] [2]

  • In the Firefox Button or menu bar, click “Help” and select “Troubleshooting Information”. The about:support page will open.
    Under “Application Basics”,
  • On Windows and Linux, depending on Firefox version, click on “Show Folder” (Windows) “Open Directory” (Linux) or “Open Containing Folder”.
  • On Mac OS, click on “Show in Finder”.

You can either go up one level and copy the folder in the source OS or use the Mozbackup file by opening it (it’s a compressed archive file).

When you get to Ubuntu, open the respective profile folders and copy the data from the source file to the Ubuntu profile folder.

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