Scalia may have proven I am correct (well, sort of).

I made this statement in the post Words to remember:

Some people forget what happens when Catholics are allowed to have power.

Some people forget what happens when Catholics are allowed to have power.

Well, maybe Scalia WILL find that Catholics need to be burned at the stake since the founding fathers were strongly anti-Catholic.

I thought I had made another comment about him finding it OK to discriminate against Catholics in general, but that was the only quote that came up quickly.

Anyway, Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. will prove to be yet another disaster for the Robert’s Court as it has opened up one of the worst cans of worms around since any governmental action must be religiously neutral.  But, this was a monumental fuck up upon monumental fuck ups from the Robert’s court.

Scalia has demonstrated he plays fast and loose with precedent in his Heller decision, but even Scalia is know to ignore Scalia (i.e., himself) to make a total buffoon of himself.

The real question is how far can a company go in claiming its religious beliefs don’t allow for something?  Hobby Lobby claims it doesn’t believe in abortion, yet it does loads of business with China, which has some seriously “anti-life” laws.

While some may say it is hypocritical to get down on Hobby Lobby for its 401k plan, which invests in the same products that Hobby Lobby denies its employees.  That is sheer bullshit.  If the 401k makes money from abortificants, then it seems that an employee should have access to the same products.  Also, Hobby Lobby can probably find a 401k which shares its beliefs, but may be as fucked up as the companies policies are for performance.

Even better:

“Hobby Lobby provided this coverage before they decided to drop it to file suit, which was politically motivated,” she said.

We can’t determine if politics motivated the company, but we did wonder whether Hobby Lobby covered the types of birth control at issue in its lawsuit but dropped the coverage before filing its complaint.

If Hobby Lobby feels strongly about the health care choices of its employees–it should also find a 401k that reflects its values.

Anyway, my family came to the US as refugees from Catholic discrimination–it only seems fair that we should be able to return the favour.  Especially if the Catholics bring their bullshit to this country.

I would add that anti-Catholic sentiment has been strong in the US: especially at the time of the Revolution and Constitution, which is why the links to this go to the Know Nothings or American Party as it was officially known.

Anyway, judicial sanction of discrimination should not be tolerated: especially if it is based upon religion since that is a violation of the First Amendment.

But, if the papists wish to continue the religious rubbish which many people came to this country to flee–I say “bring it”.

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