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I had a friend who did a Belgian Beer tasting for us when I lived in Belgium.  Not only did he bring a bunch of beers, but he also brought glasses forbeerglassesposter36x10 all the beers with the breweries’ logos on them.  Anyone who has spent time in Belgium will know there are loads of different glasses for drinking beers and each beer seems to have a specific glass to go with it, which makes beer drinking an interesting proposition.

If you want to do it at home…

I found a good article at the Beer Advocate in their Beer 101 section on beer glasses:

So which glassware do you use? The answer can often be overwhelming. In Europe, especially Belgium, each brand of beer will often have its own glass. In fact, some breweries have been known to engineer the glass before the beer, and many bars will also stock unique glassware for every brand of beer they serve, which could be hundreds or thousands. And while it’s always a good idea to use glassware designed by the brewery for a specific brand of beer, sometimes this is not an option. But fret not! We’ve complied a quick guide of recommended glassware that will cover most beers and arm you with a very versatile arsenal of glassware.

I say good since this covers most beers, not just Belgian Beers, but there are three ones that anyone interested in drinking Belgian Beer should have

The Wit (Bier Blanche) glasshoegaarden

I’ll be lazy and say the Hoegaarden is the classic white/wheat beer glass.

The Tulip

The workhorse of the bunch.  Libby’s 3808 16 oz. Belgian Beer glass is your best bet for these.  They also do double duty and work for Scotch Ale!

Chimay GlassThe Abbey Ale Chalice

Again, I’ll go with a big name: Chimay.

Actually, if you don’t want to spend a lot on glassware, Libby is the way to go since they do inexpensive versions of these glasses.  They won’t have logos, but they work.

If you want logos, and don’t live in a place convenient to Belgium, go to the Global Beer Network store. But with over 300 different types of beer, you would have one hell of a collection!


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