The Witte Dame

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOK, I have to use this picture from Tim Skelton’s Beer in the Netherlands for a couple of reasons.  First, to give his book about this topic a plug since it is the best book on this topic (I think it’s the ONLY book on this topic for that matter).

The more important reason is that this is a really good picture in that it makes me want to try this beer.  This is a beautiful picture since I think it was also taken in Eindhoven and it makes me want to visit the place.  The beer looks tasty and Eindhoven looks quaint.

The beer’s logo is also pretty nice.  The bier is a witte/bier blanche, or wheat beer.

I have no idea how it tastes, but this picture makes me think it would be fairly tasty.Witte Dame  It’s so good that it makes Eindhoven look pretty.  While Eindhoven has a long history, most of it has been since the Industrial revolution.  Although, it seems that Eindhoven is becoming the centre of Dutch Industrial design and design in general.

The Witte Dame refers to a former Philips lamp factory which has been restored and now houses the public library in Eindhoven.  Unfortunately, most of the information on this building is in Dutch.  Likewise, the beer seems to only be available in Holland: and in Eindhoven too boot!

The building is in the background of the beer’s logo.

Of course, Tim’s book makes me want to go to Holland and have a beer tour.  After all, if Eindhoven looks this good…

You can buy the book here.

You can find out more about the beer and the brewery here, but the site is in Dutch.

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