You know you are really into Belgian beer when…

You have the proper glasses.  And I don’t mean the generic Libby style ones.  I mean the actual brewery glasses.  In factpauwel-kwak-3, you probably have the correct glass for each beer.

You own the glass for drinking Kwak.

You have been to a brewery.  In my case, de Halve Maan in Bruges.  Although, I have been to some of the Abbeys (e.g., Leffe in Dinant).

You have actually stayed in an Abbey!

Any tour of Belgium sounds more like a pilgrimage than an actual holiday.

You know Belgium fairly well due more to where the Breweries are than actual geography.

You know which beers are Flemish and which are Walloon.

You are probably a better Belgian in accepting regional differences than the average Belgian.

You don’t own wine glasses–you use Leffe glasses if you have friends who want to drink wine.


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