Alternative History musings

The usual theme in North American history is that there is some form of “British” victory in the War for Independence (AKA the American Revolution), but I have to admit to being intrigued by the possibility of a French Victory in the French and Indian/Seven Years War.  There are so many more factors that could be different had the French and Indian war been different.  It’s too easy to look at Canada and get an idea of what a Unified British North America might be like, but there are far too many things that could have been different had the French won the earlier war.

For example:

  • Would France have been as broke?  Or would it have had a way to purge its excess population?
  • What if George Washington had been killed along with General Braddock?
  • Would the resulting nation be multicultural, or assimilated into French Culture?
  • Would Indian food be associated with French cuisine?
  • Would there be a different concept of civil rights and the role of the police?
  • Would the 13 Colonies have remained separate, but much diminished in size and much closer to Britain (think an overgrown British version of St. Pierre et Miquelon).

Obviously, the world would be quite different from a change in the outcome of the War for Independence as the Seven Years war did a lot to contribute to how the next war would turn out, or even happen.

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