Celsius temperature on the US Weather Channel

My reaction is that we should head to the beach when someone tells me it’s going to be 34 degrees: not bundle up. Unfortunately, 34 degrees Fahrenheit is fucking cold and one should bundle up.

Alas, people in the US are still amongst those countries in the dark ages about the metric system: especially since it makes a hell of a lot more sense than Fahrenheit. After all, water freezes at 0c and boils at 100c. One can gauge comfort by 10s in this system with 30-40c being nice and hot.
Anyway, for some reason, the US weather channel has this nasty habit of defaulting to Fahrenheit (sort of like Paypal switches languages on you).  But, switching to Fahrenheit is really fucking annoying to me:  How the hell can it snow when it’s 30 degrees?

Seriously, metric is easier and one switches to it by hitting the gear option above (forget choosing Celsius in your profile).

No more shocks that climate change may have seriously gotten out of hand with January temperatures in the 50s! (or worse 60s)

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