The slut shaming of Molly Shattuck

I’m not sure why I want to give moral support to this woman since she stands for a lot of things I don’t like: she was a trophy wife.  Toss in that she was married to a CEO who is given status as being highly overpaid in a company that laid off a lot of workers and left people in the cold and dark last winter. [1]  I’m also not particularly impressed by her being the oldest NFL cheerleader (my sapiosexual nature finds her mugshot a lot sexier than her in a cheerleader outfit).

And I would strongly discourage her from going to law school unless she’s a masochist. (I understand she gave up on this ambition–wise choice),

Well, there is phenomenon of “Shattuckfreude” which is a play on the word “Schadenfreude”, or the pleasure over someone else’s pain. I could guess that it comes from her seemingly perfect life collapsing around her and people want to enjoy every minute of that pain.  I’m not sure how many people are engaging in “Shattuckfreude”, but it’s not me.

She is someone who needs support since the court of public opinion has found her guilty.  Additionally, my legal practise dealt with this type of case, which means I KNOW she needs all the friends she can get. Her life is falling apart all around her.

What I imagine most 15 YO boys' reaction would be (without guitar).

What I imagine most 15 YO boys’ reaction would be (without guitar).

Even if that means this blog will be swamped with people telling me she is a “child rapist”. The net seems swamped with people who are willing to call her a child raping, narcissist.  I find that searching for someone who will say she is innocent only gets me statements that Molly still says she is innocent.  But, I am more than willing to speak my mind that the deck has been stacked against her.

Besides practising law, I also happen to once have been a 15 year old boy.  And this former 15 year old boy says that this story stinks. A lot of this story stinks to me from being able to buy beer at 2AM (The liquor stores I looked up in this area closed at 10PM at the latest).  My experience is that she would have had to go to Ocean City at that late hour and there was no guarantee the store would be open when she got there.

Yes, any post-pubescent boy overdosing on testosterone has the fantasy of an obliging MILF (which is something else Molly has positioned herself to be: intentionally or not).  My experience is that she would have felt as if she was attacked by a giant octopus if this story were real.  Maybe the kid might have had remorse, but I have my doubts.

Toss in that the age of consent in Delaware is 16.  She could have waited a few months and then had her will with the young man without legal repercussions.  I could also toss in that statutory rape laws came about within the last 150 years from the efforts of Victorian do-gooders. At one time, the age of consent in Delaware was 7 years old!  Think about that!

One point that seems to be missed in all this is that teenage boys talk and they say things which might not be true that hurt women’s reputations (and this article from Psychology Today as well).  I would think a former cheerleader would have been aware of this.  And, as I have said above, Molly made it clear she was a cheerleader. Was this a teenage rumour gone amok is a question which is plaguing me?

Character evidence can be introduced in a criminal case to refute charges in some jurisdictions.  Delaware allows it in its rule 404(a)(1):

(1) Character of accused. Evidence of a pertinent trait of character offered by an accused,or by the prosecution to rebut the same;

Molly was supposed to be a great mother who wouldn’t do anything to hurt her children.  People magazine had an article where a friend said: “I read the accusations and couldn’t believe what I was reading. It just doesn’t add up to make any sense. I’ve never been so shocked in all my life.”  I can’t see a woman who wouldn’t hurt her children somehow subjecting them to the shame this case has brought them.

I have to say that I don’t know Molly or anyone else involved in this case, which makes this my opinion based upon my limited knowledge of this field.  But, the bottom line is that my opinion is that she is in a very bad place: even if she is innocent.  It’s proving that innocence, or getting the reasonable doubt that she didn’t do it.  Unfortunately, the court of public opinion has decided she did it.  Most of the people who are willing to give her a pass also think she did it.  But, as I said, boys talk and women’s (girls’) reputations suffer.

One news source mentions that she “sexted” the young man, but this took place in Maryland and the local prosecutor has said that no solid evidence has appeared in the case, which is why she was charged only in Delaware.  Also, I’ve heard that it is very easy to fake instagram posts, which is something I hope her lawyer is looking into.  I have to think her bristols would be all over the internet if she had actually sexted the little shite “alleged victim”.

But, the court of public opinion has already crucified her.  Case in point is this clip from WBAL

The above clip has montage that would do Sergei Eisenstein proud. It makes the Odessa Steps sequence look like it was done by a child. The result of this news clip montage is to make Molly look really slimy. I’m not sure what clip on the internet is better at making Molly look disreputable out there (toss in this one).  The whole situation seems like it comes from Kafka or Camus.  Molly is not really being tried for what she did, but for who she was.  While part of me dislikes what she was prior to this incident, I don’t think she should be found guilty because of who she is and people’s “Shattuckfreude”.

I’m not sure how her lawyer could cross examine the alleged victim, but the character of the coachman from Tom Stoppard’s “On the Razzle” seems to come to mind.  I think that would be more determinative as to whether there actually was canoodling.  Also, I have my doubts about the public snogging sessions in parking lots since this is a woman who getting a nice hotel room would be pocket change to her.  Not to mention cars get hot in the summertime.

Hell, thinking about it, she could have afforded to fly her and the kid over to Paris on the Concorde and stay at a 5 star hotel in the day for a naughty weekend (15 is the age of consent in France according to Code Penale, Article 227-25): why would she snog him in a parking lot?

Actually, I think it is much worse for her if she is innocent in that she has already been convicted by the court of public opinion.  Her family life and reputation are trashed due this, which is the real tragedy.  It would be very hard to return to the storybook family life she once presented to the world.

The problem is that this looks more like a classic case of slut shaming instead of adolescent fantasy come true.  People who want to see Molly suffer are more than happy to think the worst even though this story just doesn’t sound right.  I hope she can get her honour back.

I wish I could help her out of this incident, but I don’t have any practical way to do that other than fight the charges.  Molly, you have my support.

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