Massa Jetts

Ebstorfer-stich2Yeah, it sounds like one of those low budget airlines where not only do you have to pay extra for a seat and food with your flight (that’s first class. Coach has you packed in oil), and they are so low budget that they can’t afford to crash.  The massa referring to the fact that the Jets run on slave labour.

Seiously, the term actually comes from a mediæval mappa mundi, the Ebstorf Mappa (right).  Massa jetts are monstrous children that eat their parents and seem to only be found in this map.  This seems related to a previous post, or the events in that post which have me thinking about these monsters.

By the way, the plural of mappa mundi is mappae mundi.  I’m wondering if map of the worlds would be mappa mundorum and maps of the worlds would be mappae mundorum.

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