Molly Shattuck! Molly Shattuck!

I’ve got to admit that I am really anxious to see the outcome of this case (probably not as anxious as Molly is).   I am of the opinion from my limited knowledge that the charges will somehow be dropped.  I am going for the case being dismissed for lack of prosecution (i.e. the main witness doesn’t show up).  Of course, that may take a long time to happen.

The other possibility is an acquittal since I just don’t buy the story as I have heard it, but that again comes from my limited access to the “facts” of the case.  On the other hand, I can’t buy the 2AM beer run in Bethany Beach, DE. Nearest places would be at least half an hour away if even that close (AC, Maryland?).

Or that a 15 year old boy wouldn’t have jumped on top of her at the proposition.

Also, I just don’t see this woman as being as overt as she is alleged to have been in front of her kids

Which takes us to this actually going trial, which I would imagine would probably end up being a circus.

I also have to admit that this is personal opinion based on the fact that I have lots of reasonable doubt about this story being real.  There are just too many thing about the accusations which would make me balk at convicting her.

My opinions are not predictions, but I think this is how it will go.  On the other hand, there are more than enough people who have decided she is guilty on the same facts I have decided she is innocent.

Go figure.


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