The Fall of Molly Shattuck

Well, she plead to one count of Fourth Degree Rape under 11 Del. C. 770 (a)(1), which is the statutory rape law.  I have to admit to being surprised by this for a number of reasons, but sometimes a plea makes more sense than going to trial. APU, there are 300 articles up about this when I checked this AM (I knew there was a status conference).  Her next court date is a sentencing on the 21st of August.

She now has to register as a sex offender and not have contact with anyone under 18 except her own children.  The sentence could be up to 15 years in prison, although I have a feeling that may be much less due to the plea agreement.

The bottom line is that her guilty plea has been published all over the internet and she is now a listed sex offender.

Alas, they took her passport which means she cannot move somewhere this would have been legal.


Posted 17/06/2015 by lacithedog in Molly Shattuck

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