Jonesing for Un village français saison 6.

There are a lot of reasons I am feeling this way from the seriously good cliff hanger ending to Season 5.  I have my theories as to what happened, but I await the “official” end to that scene–or some sort of similar resolution. Toss in the Americans have landed and are coming to Villeneuve (Season 6 starts with the Liberation of Paris). The first six episodes of Season 6  aired last November, but TF3 hasn’t aired the last 6 episodes.  They said they were going to do it in June, but no joy.  Even then, the wait for the DVDs of Season 6 to come out is going to be even more difficult.  Not to mention that TF3 says there is also a Season 7!

The upshot of this is that there are spoilers out there such as a teaser trailer for Season 6 and pictures of what goes on in the season. Not to mention loads of synopses. But, imagination is not as good as the show.  I really want to know what goes on especially since there is a scene of Müller digging his own grave, literally.  I think he is saved by the Americans (“Maintenant aux mains des Américains, Heinrich et Hortense sont séparés.”). I’m having enough of a time waiting for Season 6.  I hope that Season 7 is released quickly after and that the DVDs make it onto the market quickly as well.  In the mean time, I have to rewatch the first five series. This is one stinking good soap opera! I seriously hope it makes it to an English speaking audience since it is probably one of the best done TV shows about the Second World War (Colditz and Secret Army being other candidates).

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