If you were offended by my description of Clarence Thomas in the Dred Scott post…

ThomasI know that post probably offends people (and I hope it’s the white people, not the black ones, since white people who abuse it are the ones who need to be offended).

Anyway, I’m feeling a LOT vindicated here now that he has said this.

I’m not sure where they dragged him up, but Clarence Thomas has long been an insult to the memory of Thurgood Marshall.

Now, I’m waiting for Scalia and Alito to make pronouncements tNino'shat it’s OK to start discriminating against Catholics.

Again, I am sorry I cannot have an out of tune banjo playing “Dixie” as you land on this post, but, despite what I am told, I am a computer illiterate.

A couple of other justices should consider retiring as well.

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