La quête pour trouver le rêve de Sophia Loren

Robert Doisneau Jean TinguelyYes, I’m still trying to get a picture of Jean Tinguely’s Le rêve de Sophia Loren. Alas, I have a monopoly on this subject, which seems odd since no one can properly comment about it without having some sort of reference to the work (photo or video).

I am of the opinion it is in the basement of the Musée Modern Museum in Brussels.  As of now, the museum is closed for renovations, which means this work is truly inaccesible.

I know Paris is Sandrine Voillet’s city, but maybe she might be able to arrange a private viewing of this work if I bribed her with a good meal.  She may be a Parisian, but she is also an art curator. Perhaps, she might be persuaded that this work needs more publicity and come to my aid.

In the mean time, I came upon Robert Doisneau’s 1959 photograph of Jean Tinguely, Portrait de l’artiste, which I think captures the artist and his personality.

We can only imagine that the smoke is the beginning of the self-destruction process.

Yes, I realise the title for this is truly French.

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