Happy Birthday, Laci.

The real dog is still alive and kicking at age 13!DSCF0744

For those who think an 8 pound dog is wimpy, she walked 5 miles so far today.

stitchesI didn’t mention it here, but her last birthday was spent on the operating table for a liver growth about the size of a lemon that turned out to be non-sectable.  Comparatively, the growth would be about the size of a basketball in a human my size.

Fortunately, non-sectable does not mean not treatable.  She underwent ANOTHER procedure where the tumour was embolised about a month afterward.

Seriously, Laci has quite a strong will to live and loves life. I imagine she will keep ticking along until she gets seriously feeble (she is a bit deaf and eyesight isn’t that good either).

People who think these are cute dogs don’t know that they can keep up with you on a serious hike.  I’ve found that little dogs can have big dog spirit.  Or as the saying goes: “it’s not the size of a dog in a fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

And Laci has a lot of spirit.


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