Comment adverse? not really.

Screenshot from 2015-12-08 18:25:19 I’ve said this a couple of times:

intelligent and constructive comments or can say something interesting and informative Please don’t waste your time writing ridiculous, ignorant, and irelevant comments as they end up in the electronic dustbin without being read. Quality over quantity is my preference for comments.

Fortunately, I’ve scared off a lot of trolls which means not too many comments.

Anyway, I am not a “serious blogger” which is something some people haven’t gotten through their heads.

Anyway, that said, I do enjoy seeing interesting comments.  I managed to get a good thread going at the Guardian’s page–sort of satisfied with how this turned out.

Which is why I am memorialising it here.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean that I check the comments here on a regular basis (maybe as frequently as I post something here).  After all, I am not a “serious blogger”.

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