It is well known that this blog doesn’t take comments for a lot of reasons, but it seems there is a tool for dealing with Twitter trolls.

The bot is programmed to respond to all the main phenotypes of angry, unfulfilled internet bro, including alt-righters, Gamergaters, MRAs, Anonymous, Julian Assange fanboys, and the ever-present Infowars conspiracy theory crowd.

It posts endless provocations of the sort that invariably attract a creeping cloud of Twitter harassment, and it often names names.

I have to admit it would be fun to have an automated service bait people to a post and then let rip on them.

It seems that some of these trolls can’t figure out they are dealing with a bot and can spend hours arguing with it!

seriously, the bot is just like honey for internet jerks they spend hours and hours yelling at it

(although I did have a fun conversation with the early Eliza AI programme which I am sorry never was saved, but that is another story that would preclude me from ever serving in US public office.  Just in case having multiple nationalities also wouldn’t stop me.)

As the post said, you have to wonder about people who would spend 10 hours arguing with someone on the internet.

As the article pointed out people should stop seeking out and arguing with strangers on the internet if they don’t want to make fools of themselves. A bot can’t make you look foolish; you can only do that to yourself by taking the bait.

While I don’t really like pointless argument–it’s nice there is an obliging bot out there to keep people who do amused.


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