The Lost City of Detroit

President Truman called it, “The late great Detroit, the arsenal of Democracy”.Detroit 2005

I call it either “the Lost City of Detroit” or “The City that Committed suicide”.

It’s hard to believe that a city that provided the bombers that destroyed the German heartland ended up looking like the enemy cities. Detroit was the 5th largest city in the US according to the 1950 Census. It is now the 21st.

There is a lot of finger pointing at what caused Detroit’s demise. I think it was multiple factors with the main one being the reliance upon one industry. Toss in the growth that led to Detroit’s becoming the 5th largest city was fueled by the Second World War.

No matter what the reason or reasons for Detroit, and Michigan’s decline, the bottom line is that the city is in decay and has gone into bankruptcy.  It’s historic factories are no longer.

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