New Age Rip Offs

OK, it really plays to people’s greed, or curiosity in my case, when people offer you the key to manifest your deepest desires. it’s especially true when they say you can buy Versailles with pocket change.

OK, the promise wasn’t made in those exact words. It was more like “you can buy ANY house you want with cash”, but that taken to extremes means you can buy Versailles with pocket change (“Hey Manny, nice place you got hereL how much do I have to pay you to own it????”).

OK, I don’t really want Versailles, which the new agey types would tell me is the reason I can’t do this. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be too disappointed to have something like it when it was still a hunting lodge. Hunting lodge being very relative. Not to mention that there are Chateaux like that in France and Belgium waiting for people to pick up.

And maybe it wouldn’t be pocket change, but it would be nice to pay for one with cash and have more than enough change left over for upkeep.

Anyway, I won’t reveal who the person is making these claims (although there is a hint above), but the programme is nothing new in so many ways.

Not sure what would happen if  someone did have the real “secret behind the secret” that they could articulate. Personally, I would be handing it out for free if I know it wouldn’t cause havoc.

I would like a better world than the one I see around me.

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