BCC One/FX’s “A Christmas Carol”

It was painful to watch.  I don’t mind non-traditional, but this went way over the top. Other reviewers have gone into why this is over the top. So I won’t bother with that.

I did manage to make my way through it because of Vinette Robinson. She plays Mary Cratchit who is pretty much a non-role in the book. Not really happy with how she was portrayed, but Vinette’s being able to play the role is yet another example of how good an actress she is. My feelings are similar to her reviews for her performance as Florence, the maid, in Hampstead Theatre’s Darker Shores: she “copes admirably”

Vinette began auditioning when she was thirteen years old but didn’t get any big parts until later in her career; her first audition was for the role of Queen Amidala in the 1999 movie Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; a part which ultimately went to Natalie Portman

Vinette then was awarded a Laurence Olivier bursary from the Society of London Theatre. to study drama in the prestigious Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts. She began her acting career in theatre performances. She loves being on the stage more than on set because, according to her, the rehearsals create a more cohesive world. She, therefore, kept auditioning for roles in plays even after making her career on television because she feels more at home on stage.

I have to admit seeing her more on television than any other medium, but would love to see her on stage. Vinette hopes to one day play Isabella in Shakepeare’s Measure for Measure.  I would love to see her playing that role or any of the other theatrical roles she mentioned in her BAFTA 60 Second Challenge.

I know she will play those roles some day.

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