I’ve been watching Fox News…and liking what I see.

Well, not totally, but they are providing a balance to the rest of the coverage of Covid-19 and the lockdowns.  The rest of the media seem to think that people can take the time off to “social distance”, which is a major luxury for the average person.

Let’s toss in that the “crisis” is a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream nirvana because of the way it is being handled. This is a “new disease” even though corona viruses have been around for a while.  The original SARS from 2002-04 being the case in point. And there are treatments and vaccines being researched, but they are a LONG WAY off if that is going to be your benchmark for déconfinement (which also works in English).

Déconfinement also isn’t coming soon if you want to use testing since there are tests, but the accuracy and availability are up in the air. Not having tests isn’t anyone’s conspiracy as much as the logistics of getting reliable tests in place. No one really benefits from a lack of testing. Well, maybe the people who want people to see SARS-Cov2 as being like the disease in Terry Nation’s Survivors (it’s modern spinoff as well) or Contagion. Those are diseases where a significant portion of the population are infected and die.

SARS-Cov2 isn’t like those fictional diseases. Otherwise the Cruise industry would be dead in the water. That’s because the cruise liners would have been death ships. Also comparing the current situation to the 1918-20 H1N1 outbreak would see mortality well into the millions by now.

Lockdown comes with its own set of problems if we are going to play the numbers game with mortality.  The catch phrase there is “avoidable death” which is where treatment or prevention would have somehow prevented a death, but is death really avoidable? Especially when we are dealing with something that has no vaccine or agreed upon treatment?

The issue to me isn’t if there is a benefit to lockdown since there really isn’t. I wear a mask only to make others feel comfortable. The reality is that the situation is like the conversation between the barman and Ford Prefect before the Earth is destroyed in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

BARMAN: You really think the world’s going to end?
(Ford nods) Shouldn’t we lie down or put a bag over our heads or something?
FORD: If you want.
BARMAN: Will it help?
FORD: Not really.

We don’t know what to do so we do what we are told. Again, the people who laughed at Trump when he said wear scarves can be seen wearing scarves! Social distancing is supposed to make us feel good when we don’t really.

The world has been thrown into chaos and it seems that people want to do everything except calmly address the issue. And it’s really scary when it seems that Fox News is a voice of reason.

Ultimately, I see Donald Trump being the beneficiary of Democratic Party blundering in how they are handling this issue.

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