Upset French Women and the magic word

Link to one of the Ruby Sparks “French” scenes.

OK, I have one criticism of the film Ruby Sparks and that is that she sounds like someone who may have had a few years of French when she is supposed to speak fluent French. She ain’t nowhere near fluent. The Ruby Sparks character is about a DELF A1 level. If that. I know what a pissed off French woman that age talks like.

I know what an upset French woman sounds like and that’s not it. For one thing, what this person calls the “magic word” is conspicuously absent, as are a few other choice words I would expect to hear.

I would have hired someone like Lizzie Brocheré, or some other bilingual French actress, to write the dialogue for those scenes. Maybe even dub the scenes as well for good measure.

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