So, does that mean that Dick Grayson REALLY would have had a Bat Mitzvah????   Leave a comment

Hedy Lamarr

It seems that the comic has made Bruce Wayne Jewish. He doesn’t look stereotypical Jewish, but a lot of Jewish people don’t fit the stereotypical idea of what a Jew looks like. Case in point: Hedy Lamarr who happened to be the model for Walt Disney’s “Snow White”.

She was Jewish.


OK, I know that a Bat Mitzvah is usually for the young women, but everything Batman does or has is prefixed with “Bat” So, it seems only logical that Dick Grayson would have had a Bat Mitzvah.

And confused the heck out of everyone not into the “secret identity” thing.

P.S., if this were occupied Europe, I would have been the person you went to for the papers to say you were NOT Jewish if I were in the position as a cop, prefect, etcetera who issued the documents.

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