Nordic Noir

Thought of Nordic Noir permeate my brain as I get ready to head off to Råfiskhavn. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. I could toss in some early Bergman films as well. But the thoughts of hygge with Sarah Lund are too seductive to avoid. Not at all Saga Norén: although Sofia Helin would be something else!

I would tell Birgitte Nyborg that her husband was a fool to leave her.

Scandinavian noir, also known as Scandi noir and Nordic noir, is a genre of crime fiction written from a police point of view. The language is plain and eschews metaphor, the settings often have bleak landscapes, and the mood is dark and morally complex.

Nothing like lighting up some candles, pouring wine, getting cosy, putting on a Faroese Sweater with a blue button down shirt, and watching Forbrydelsen.

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