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I’m a Powderpuff Chinese Crested who likes romantic comedies, Long walks, chasing rodents (especially squirrels), sleeping, running, and hanging with my human companion. I have loads of hairless dogs in my family despite the fact I am a powderpuff. It upsets me greatly that dogs are not allowed to chase Squirrels in England under their dumb anti-hunting laws! Despite that fact, I am a member of the Connaught Square Squirrel Hunt in London.

A very intelligent canine. I’ve gone to court more than Michelle Bachmann and most US Law School professors ever have. I am ghost written by my human companion. I actually lived for a time in the Second largest English speaking city at the time of the War for American Independence (or was it?). The fun bit is that there is some disagreement as to which City was the Second Largest at this time period.

This blog came about to be conscience for Justice Samuel Alito who once followed the civic right interpretation of the Second Amendment in US v. Rybar, 103 F.3d 273 (3d Cir. 1996). The blood is now on his hands for being a party to the Heller-McDonald decisions. I hope Judge John Roll’s bloody corpse gives Alito (as well as Scalia and the other three) nightmares until they can rectify the error of the Heller-McDonald decisions.

BTW, this blog is a commonplace book, not a scholarly article–don’t confuse the two.

Personally, I’d like to stop blogging about the Second Amendment and Gun Control, but I won’t quit until there is significant change in the US regarding these issues. It has to stop ignoring the elephant in the room that its high rate of civilian firearm ownership is directly linked to its high rate of gun violence.

These are my opinions and I don’t care if you read this. I blog for myself, but don’t mind if others read what I write. I don’t really want to hear from you–unless you agree with me or unless you can offer intelligent and constructive comments or can say something interesting and informative Please don’t waste your time writing ridiculous, ignorant, and irelevant comments as they end up in the electronic dustbin without being read. Quality over quantity is my preference for comments.

Also, any comments left here become the property of this blog for me to do as I wish. So BEWARE!

I refuse to sell out (I do not receive any of the proceeds from the ads here).

And if you don’t like what I write here–DON’T READ IT!

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Posted 12/03/2010 by lacithedog

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