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Windrush the Musical

I’ve written about Big Life before, but now that Windrush is in the news I have to talk about it in the hope someone sees this and decides to produce it.Big Life

You can hear the play here at rthe BBC. The script is available it’s ISBN 978-1840024418.

I never saw this on stage, but there is an archived version of the radio production of the musical. It combines Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost with the story of the Windrush immigrants, which is now something in the news. I heard that this was a popular musical, yet it didn’t have the long run of something by Cameron Mackintosh or Andrew Lloyd Weber. Maybe because it’s about Windrush.

It opened in 2004 at the Theatre Royal Stratford East and then moved to West End’s Apollo Theatre in 2005.

Anyway, I hope someone sees this copy of the script (the book is a copy of the script) and decides to publicise this play. It is a play which should have had more exposure. I think it really needs the exposure now that Windrush is in the news.


I added the BBC to the Categories in the hope someone in programming sees this (Hint. Hint, Maybe this needs to be produced on TV).

Spiral finally makes it to BBC 4 tonight.

Yes, Series 5 of Spiral (Engrenages) is going to be on BBC4 tonight at 2100–FINALLY! The DVDs have been available in France for a while, but funding for BBC4 has been shaky as of late.  I think I wrote about some programmes which have been mentioned about being shown on BBC4, but haven’t due to this.

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